Hi everybody! My name's Virginia, I'm 17 and I'm from Florence, Italy. I'm madly in love with Tim Burton since I was nine, but I also love a lot of other things that you'll discover.
So this blog is dedicated to what I like the most and what I want to share.

"The last thing I wanted was anyone that reminded me of you, but that was a joke because everything reminded me of you." FLO

Forgive me if my English is not good enough. :)
  • "You wanna be on top?"

    "Just come on top."

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  • These two together, have create chemistry, that is the bottom line, there is no denying their chemistry. I think people automatically take to that. The characters I think were so realistic. They began that way on the page, but when they were handed over to the actors, it’s just a realism, there’s a depth and dimension to those characters in the film that you very, very rarely see on film. It’s just a treat to watch. 

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  • deleted dialogue from “For Lovers Only” 

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  • argini:

    ti voglio bene anche se non ricordo più la tua voce

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  • Everything is illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer
  • "-Do you think you could ever love me?
    -I don’t think so.
    -Because I’m not good enough.
    -It’s not like that.
    -Because I’m not smart.
    -Because you couldn’t love me.
    -Because I couldn’t love you."



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  • dreamingheaventohell:

    Rivoglio quell’innocenza la speranza di poter amare di nuovo, quel sorriso idiota che illumina lo sguardo e rende tutto più bello..

    That’s what I’m looking for, too…